Get rid of noises with some of the quality Earplugs

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It is said that “Enough sleep is just as important for good health as nutrition and exercise”. Lack of sleep at night can turn your day into a tiring and horrible one. Sleep apnea can also affect your concentration at work and if it continues for a long time it may lead to many psychological and physical problems. So, you need a sound sleep to keep yourself fit and healthy.


If you are going through a sleeping problem, you should seek solution to any problem that is affecting your sleep. If it is the noise around you that’s hampering your sleep at night you might go for the earplugs. You can choose one from some of the quality earplugs for reducing the noise problem.

A number of earplugs are available in the market nowadays.

Many of us think it is the NRR that determines which earplug is better for you. But, there are some other factors too that matter more than the NRR. For example, if the earplugs don’t fit in your ear you will feel uncomfortable. Also, your earplug’s effectiveness depends on the noise type. So, you need to keep these factors in mind when choosing earplugs for you. Some of the quality earplugs are reviewed here for your aid.

Some of the quality earplugs for you

But, before reviewing the earplugs, let me tell you none of them can completely block the snoring or the noise around you. In some cases, snoring can be up to 88dB and the top NRR of the earplugs is 33 dB. So, may be you can’t just shut down the noises. But you need not worry about this. Even if your earplugs can’t shut down the noises, they will reduce it to a tolerable level.

Some of the quality earplugs are described here. I have also mentioned their NRR for your benefit.

è Moldex Pura-Fit: For its tapered cone shape it is easy to use. Also, it is comfortable and comes with a noise reduction rating of 33dB. These are designed to reduce extreme noises on the business site. So, if you want to shut the loudest noises, you can choose this one.

è Howard Leight earplugs: This foam earplug can reduce noise up to 32 dB. Its bell-shaped design enables it to expand in the ear canal and its T-shaped tapered tip makes it easily removable. It is almost as much effective as Moldex Pura-Fit.

è Mack’s Ultrasoft Earplugs: If your first priority is comfort then you can undoubtedly choose this one. Like Howard Leight earplugs its noise reduction rating is also 32 dB. But, let me warn you it can’t work as good as the previous one. On the other hand, it is more comfortable than other foam earplugs and it is a great choice for the side sleepers.

è Hearos Xtreme Protection: Comes with a noise reduction rating of 33 dB. Its foamy material makes it more comfortable for you. Also, it can reduce low to mid-level sounds but struggle to reduce the louder one.

è Etymotic ETY earplugs: If you want to block the annoying noise but hear the sound of your alarm clock in the morning, these earplugs are the best option for you. Its NRR is 20dB and is designed with a triple-flang construction. It helps to reduce sounds at a tolerable level and have a good sleep.

Sleep is one of the most important part for every living being. It not only helps you to keep fit but also recover from any disease. And if it is noise that prevents you from getting enough sleep, it’s time to try some of the quality earplugs for an uninterrupted night’s rest.